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Lateral Ear Resection & Total Ear Canal Ablation


The occasional ear infection is a nuisance but at least it can be expected to resolve in two to four weeks, leaving the patient to resume a normal life. Chronic ear infections can be recurring or ongoing. It can lead to dizzying middle ear infections, unending headaches, and pain, as well as permeating foul odor. There comes a point when simply managing the infection with cleaning solutions and oral medications is not enough and surgery must be considered.

There are two techniques commonly used to benefit the patient with chronic otitis: lateral ear resection and total ear canal ablation. The lateral ear resection is the more conservative approach meant for ears not yet at their end-stage where it is thought that more efficient cleaning and better canal ventilation will help.

  • Typically, dogs will spend a minimum of 2 days in the hospital with some requiring prolonged stays if post-op complications develop of up to 1-2 weeks.
    • Complimentary exam the day of surgery
    • Preoperative bloodwork panel
    • Catheter and fluids during and after surgery
    • Preoperative pain medications and induction of anesthesia
    • Anesthesia during surgery
    • Anesthesia monitoring before, during, and after surgery
    • Surgical procedure
    • Post-op x rays
    • Pain medications before, during, and after surgery
    • Antibiotics before during and after surgery
    • Hospitalization after surgery for 2 days
    • E collar to go home
    • Routine follow-up visits for assessment, suture removal, and care–> at 2 and 4 weeks if needed.

Typical Cost single ear: $2,550 – $3,000, both ears: $3605 – $4120

In some cases, the procedure is staged, i.e only one ear at a time.

(The above fee can increase based on individual patient needs)

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