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Give your exotic pets the care and attention they need to live long, happy, and healthy lives.

Exotic Veterinary Care at our Rolesville and Louisburg Locations

We provide a wide array of veterinary care and services from preventative care to advanced laser surgery. 

Affordable Care for your Exotic Pets

At Rolesville Veterinary Hospital, we don’t just stop at treating your dog or cat. Dr. Jennifer Hummel has more than 10 years working with exotic animals, including treating exotic pets for the last three years as a veterinarian in Wilson, NC, and in her community service as the head veterinarian for Noah’s Landing, a non-profit nature center with a menagerie that includes African crested porcupines, emu, fennec foxes, and kinkajou.

Dr. Hummel understands the unique care that unusual pets like ferrets, birds, reptiles, and rabbits require, and can make housing and nutritional recommendations for your unique pet as part of your visit. Before you purchase an exotic animal, our staff is happy to discuss the best breeds for your home and any care questions that you should consider. Exotic pets have their own health and wellness needs and any responsible pet owner should conduct an extensive information search to determine appropriate care, feeding, and enrichment.

At Rolesville Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide variety of services for your ferret, bird, rabbit, reptile, hedgehog, chinchilla and other pets.

New Pet Exams

A new pet examination is a head to toe (or beak to tail) look at your new pet and their overall well-being. During this exam, the doctor will make any recommedations for care and nutrition. Depending on the type of animal, the exam may include:

  • Physical Exam
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Fecal Exam
  • DNA Testing
  • Routine Veterinary Care

Once your exotic pet is a member of the family, we recommend annual wellness checks to chart their health and development. We also offer a full array of diagnostic services and treatment options for emergencies and disease. 

Bird Grooming

For your pet bird, grooming is not just about beauty. It’s also about their health and safety in a captive environment. At Rolesville Veterinary Hospital, we offer wing clipping, as well as beak and claw trimming for pet birds. By routinely trimming your bird’s wing, you make it safer for them to live and exist in a captive environment, reducing their chance of injury inside your home. You may also notice that your bird’s beak and claws can become ragged and irregular. In the wild, they would rely on rough surfaces to slowly grind their beak and claws into shape. At the hospital, we help prevent overgrowth by performing routine trimming.

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