Dental Care

dental care for pets

Oral hygiene is about more than just a bright smile — it’s also an important part of your pet’s overall health and well being. Without routine care, your pet may fall victim to painful ulcerations, receding gums, plaque buildup, and potentially serious conditions like bacterial endocarditis, which occurs when bacteria travels through lesions in the mouth to the heart, kidneys, and joints.

During your annual exam, our staff will evaluate your pet’s tooth and gum health, suggesting any necessary extractions or changes to their daily care. We can also perform teeth cleaning under anesthesia, scaling, and extractions.

Dental Care For Exotics

A bright smile and plaque-free teeth are important for any animal but proper dental care is especially critical for most species of rabbits and rodents, whose continuously growing teeth can present severe medical problems if unchecked. During an annual dental exam, often performed under anesthesia, our doctos will check for periodontal disease, growth irregularities, infection, or oral tumors. If your pet is unable to file down their teeth through daily diet and enrichment, our staff can also assist with tooth filing and extraction.

You can prevent many dental problems in your pet rodent or rabbit by ensuring they receive routine examinations and providing them with a balanced diet of course vegetation. Common signs of dental problems include abnormal growth, drooling, difficulty chewing, mouth pain, or changes in dietary habits.

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