Pyometra Surgery

Pyometra is a term used when the uterus of a female dog becomes infected and filled with fluid and bacteria. If this condition is left untreated it can lead to death through rupture of the uterus into the abdomen. Most dogs with this problem are clinically ill and require hospitalization for several days before and after surgery. Surgery is the treatment of choice and an ovariohysterectomy is performed.

The items listed below are included in the cost of the surgery and follow-up care (Workup prior to treatment is not included in this estimate:

  • Preoperative exam
  • Preoperative bloodwork panel
  • IV Catheter and fluids during surgery
  • Premedication and induction of anesthesia
  • Anesthesia during surgery
  • Monitoring before, during and after surgery
  • Pain medication before, during and after surgery
  • Surgical procedure
  • Intraoperative and post operative antibiotics for surgery and hospitalization
  • Hospitalizations for 1-3 days following surgery including medications and treatments
  • Medications and E collar to go home
  • Follow-up visits to remove sutures and assess patient.

Cost: $1200-1700

The higher end of the estimate is typically seen with patients that are hospitalized for longer periods of time. Complications can occur in these cases and patients may need to be hospitalized longer. Additional costs will be discussed with you if this is to occur.