Perineal Hernia Repair

A perineal hernia occurs when there is a tear in the muscle layers between the rectum and outside body wall. This leads to movement of tissues and possibly organs from the abdomen through the tear and under the skin. The bladder and intestines can get trapped in this hernia. The surgery involves reducing the herniated tissue, replacing the organs, reducing the tear and repairing it. It also helps with the trapping of fecal material in the pouch created by the hernia. This condition is most commonly associated with intact male dogs and it is recommended that they are neutered at the same time. An animal may have 1 side affected or may have both sides involved. Sometimes both sides are repaired at the same time.

The estimate below includes the surgical procedure and hospitalization. Animals are typically hospitalized for 1-2 days post-surgery.

  • Complimentary exam the day of surgery
  • Preoperative bloodwork panel
  • IV Catheter and fluids during and after surgery
  • Preoperative pain medications and induction of anesthesia
  • Anesthesia during surgery
  • Monitoring before, during and after surgery
  • Surgical procedure
  • Pain medications before, during and after surgery
  • Antibiotics before, during and after surgery
  • Hospitalization for 1-2 days following surgery
  • E-collar to go home
  • Follow up visits for assessment and suture removal
  • Sedation if needed for suture removal

Cost per one side of hernia repair: $1700-2100
Cost per both sides of hernia repair: $2400-3000

Individual patient needs vary during the type of surgery outlined above. There may be variances in medications and aftercare based on a patient’s weight and needs. Additional surgery may be needed. These charges can be gone over with you before they are incurred.

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