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Medial Patellar Luxation/Patellar Luxation Surgery


This is a condition in which the kneecap moves out of its normal groove and pops to the inside or more rarely the outside of the knee. In some patients, this condition does not cause any pain or clinical signs and in others, the condition can be painful and can cause gradual disuse of the leg.  Depending on a dog’s anatomy, 3 procedures can typically be performed to correct the problem and any combination of these procedures may be used during surgery. (wedge resection, tibial crest transposition & lateral imbrication of the joint capsule). The items listed below are included in the surgery plan. Routine follow-up appointments are included in the cost as well.

  • Complimentary exam the day of surgery
  • Preoperative bloodwork panel
  • Catheter and fluids during and after surgery
  • Placement of a fentanyl patch before surgery if needed
  • Preoperative pain medications and induction of anesthesia
  • Anesthesia during surgery
  • Anesthesia monitoring before, during, and after surgery
  • Surgical procedure
  • Post-op x rays
  • Pain medications before, during, and after surgery
  • Antibiotics before during and after surgery
  • Hospitalization after surgery thru the following day
  • Cold laser therapy session-8 total sessions
  • E collar to go home
  • Rehabilitation handout with week by week instructions
  • Routine follow-up visits for assessment, suture removal, and care.
  • Sedation if needed for pin removal (8 weeks following)


Individual patient needs vary during the type of surgery outlined above. There may be variances in medications and aftercare based on a patient’s weight and needs. Additional surgery may be needed. These charges can be gone over with you before they are incurred.

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