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Modified Maquet Procedure – MMP

Rolesville Veterinary Hospital is pleased to be able to provide the Modified Maquet procedure to our canine patients as a way to repair and treat cruciate ligament disease. The procedure is less expensive and less invasive than the TPLO (tibial plateau leveling) procedure and has allowed us to treat our larger & more active canine friends in a local setting.  The Modified Maquet procedure has allowed us to offer a procedure that requires less rehabilitation post-op, therefore, allowing busy owners and family members less stress associated with the post-op period. Long-term outcomes of this procedure have been favorable and positive for return to full activity for dogs when compared to the TPLO and TTA procedures. It offers a more stable repair as compared to the extracapsular cruciate repair.

Gradually over time, the bone will grow into the titanium foam wedge allowing the knee to become more stable.

  • Typically, dogs are walking on the leg the day following surgery or a few days post-operatively.
  • They will spend a minimum of 2 nights in the hospital and they can stay longer to minimize any complications in the days immediately following the surgery.
  • Without using the plate, fork, and measurement system of the TPLO the surgery time is greatly reduced aiding in the speed of recovery and reducing the cost to the client.
  • Dogs are restricted to leash walks only for the first 6- 8 weeks. Radiographs are taken at 4 & 8 weeks. They are gradually reintroduced to exercise once adequate bone healing has been seen. They are typically back to full exercise with minimal to no lameness at 6 months post-surgery.
  • Typical Total Cost is $2,900 – $3,550. This includes all hospitalization & routine post op care (8 week duration), x-rays & post-op laser therapy.
    • The above fee can increase based on individual patient needs.


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