GDV Surgery

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (bloat) is a condition more common in large breed dogs, typically those that are deep chested. However, it can occur in any age or breed of dog. This is a life threatening condition in which the stomach twists on its axis and causes the blood supply to be cut off. It leads to gas distention in the stomach and intestines. It can cause life threatening shock and heart arrhythmias. Quick surgical correction is necessary to treat this condition.

The items listed below are included in the cost of surgery:

  • Complimentary exam before surgery
  • X-rays before surgery
  • IV Catheter and fluids
  • Preoperative antibiotics, pain medications and anti-nausea meds
  • Anesthetic induction and anesthesia during surgery
  • Antibiotics before, during and after surgery
  • Derotation of the stomach, possible removal of the spleen and tacking of the stomach. The stomach is tacked to the side of the body wall using sutures to prevent it from rotating again on its own.
  • Anesthesia monitoring before, during and after surgery
  • Post operative pain medications
  • Hospitalization, including medications for 1-3 days following surgery
  • Pain medications and antibiotics to go home
  • E collar to go home
  • Follow-up appointment for recheck and suture removal

Cost: $1700-2200

Individual patients needs vary during the type of surgery outlined above. There may be variances in medications and aftercare based on a patient’s weight and needs. Additional surgery may be needed. These charges can be discussed with you before they are incurred.