Foreign Body Surgery

A foreign body is when an animal ingests foreign material they are unable to pass. Some materials or objects can get lodged in the intestines and they are not able to be passed. Surgery may be required to remove the object or material, and at times part of the intestines may need to be resected. Hospitalization is typically required for several days following surgery until they are stable and eating and drinking on their own.

The items listed below are included in the cost of surgery:

  • Complimentary exam before surgery
  • Preoperative bloodwork
  • IV Catheter and fluids
  • Preoperative antibiotics, pain medications and anti-nausea meds
  • Anesthetic induction and during surgery
  • Intra-operative antibiotics
  • Foreign body surgery not limited to intestinal removal and reconnecting
  • Anesthesia monitoring before, during and after surgery
  • Post operative antibiotics and pain medications
  • Hospitalization, including medications for 1-3 days following surgery
  • Pain medications and antibiotics to go home
  • Follow-up appointment for recheck and suture removal

Cost: $1600-2200

Individual patients needs vary during the type of surgery outlines above. There may be variances in medications and aftercare based on a patients weight and needs. Additional surgery may be needed. These charges can be discussed with you before the are incurred.